About Red Devils of San Diego

For as long as English football was broadcast in San Diego, supporters of Manchester United Football Club flocked to the pubs to watch the Red Devils. One of those pubs was Shakespeare Pub & Grille, established in 1990. From highlight shows on fringe satellite TV stations, to full matches on Pay-Per-View, first on tape delay, then finally live, “Shakes” slowly became the de facto pub for not just United supporters, but for all supporters of the beautiful game.

As the years went on and the United trophy case got more and more crowded, bars around San Diego saw more and more United supporters. But through the years, there was no serious, long-lasting attempt at establishing a supporter’s group for the lads in red.

Enter Red Devils of San Diego. Established in July 2019, our goal is to not only be positive ambassadors of Manchester United but bring together supporters of all walks of life. Overall, wee strive to have an environment in which all supporters, no matter how long or short in time, can come, watch matches, and have an amazing time in camaraderie. 

Red Devils of San Diego adheres to the following creed:

  • We support Manchester United Football Club, full stop.
  • We encourage everyone, no matter how long they have followed the club, or attended matches with us, to be the best supporter they can be.
  • We inspire and encourage everyone to come to every match party at our home bar, no matter the time or day, by offering a welcoming environment where a United supporter can be just that.
  • We are ambassadors of not only Manchester United supporters in San Diego, not only of Red Devils of San Diego but of Manchester United Football Club.
  • We recognize that the beautiful sport of football can change lives in our community. Thusly, we reach out not only to the football/soccer community at large, but we help fellow supporters of other football clubs with fundraisers, outreach events, and social gatherings for the betterment of something bigger than us.